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We build in the same manner as site built construction except that we build in a controlled environment, without exposure to water, adverse weather, or labor diversions.  Because of this, our process is faster and more reliable than site built construction and produces less waste.   Sections or “modules” are produced off-site and only the final assembly occurs on site. Our process is not to be confused with manufactured homes or mobile homes which are considered temporary structures.  Instead, we produce permanent structures, build on engineered foundations just like site built construction and feature the same high quality materials and name brand products found in site built construction.  We also build to a higher standard and perform additional testing and quality controls throughout the process.    In the end our structures look and feel exactly like site built construction - both inside and out, except our structures have increased strength, performance, and energy efficiency due to the rigors of our process.

off site construction process at our facility
on site piers, delivery and setting process
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